Other Services

In addition to great web design, we offer the following services:

Ghost-writing: This is content that is provided by the Webmaster.Credit is given to the client and the end product is articles, bios, and other content that appears to be created by the client. Ghost-writing is a good service to order if you aren’t sure what text you want to put on your website, or if you just aren’t much of a writer.

SEO–This is referring to the process of optimizing content (like an article, a person’s name, or entire website) for rankings in the Search Engine. Search Engine Optimzation is a good tool to use if you are trying to attract clients via their Google Search.

Content creation: In addition to Ghost writing, Susan Melin and associates offers content creation for your special reports, PDF downloads, newsletters, and more.

Domain name–When you order a website, you get a premium domain name included.

When you are ready, consider purchasing a five-star domain.

Do you have a domain name that you would like to list online? PDN offers that option.

Education: Learning how to market your product, and how to sell it online is the most important skill you can teach yourself. Learn how here.

Marketing Services–Getting a quality website is the first step in promoting your business; but there is so much more. When you are ready to take your business to the next level, give us a call at 816 833 0613. Let’s roll.

Reputation Management–Protect your online image. With reputation management services, you can have 24 hour piece of mind. Suppress negative reviews, clean-up unprofessional activity, and improve your online “footprint”