“What exactly do the websites cost?”

If you order a website from one of the templates on this website, the cost is $450.

“Can I mix different elements from different templates”.

Usually. However the $450 price is strictly for websites that follow the design of one of the existing templates. Further web design customization is extra.

“What if I need extra pages?”

Extra pages start at $25 per page.  Some of the themes have more pages, so look around our templates.

“Is there a deposit”?

Yes. After reviewing your application and approving it, a deposit of $150 is required before we get started.

After we dialogue with you and determine your needs, we will show you what your website will look like, with the photos and contact information.

If you like what you see, we will proceed once we receive your content and the remaining balance.  You have two weeks to request any needed changes, within reason.

“How do I get started?”

Just click here for an application.