How to Build a Website

  • Find a free “build your own website” freebie site, online
  • Pick a theme
  • Spend all day trying  to figure out all the features on your freebie webpage
  • Discover there are a million features that don’t work for your church website
  • Put up a horrible looking website and hope that no one really looks at it.
  • Blush when someone says,”I saw the website yesterday”
  • Sigh and put up a page on MySpace instead
  • Find out no one really uses MySpace anymore, and go to FaceBook
  • Answer one hundred questions put on your FaceBook page by atheists, agnostics and other critics who just want to argue.
  • Observe the “suggest a website” snippet on your contact section, and cringe
  • Contact our firm for help

(Websites start at $450)

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Successful Marketing

Alot of you have been asking questions every since I took my business “live” on the web.

Questions like: “Wow! Sue! I just saw the church website and I was surprised! I…I didn’t KNOW you did...that…Um…how long have you been, doing what you…do??

Then there comes the inevitable subtle hint of could I , um, maybe, like, show them how to do it?

As though cranking out websites just sort of “comes” to people in their dreams.

I earnestly wish I could get people to ask the right question. And here’s what it should be…

Question: How can I be successful at everything and anything?

I want you to know, reader, that there is absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing, that you can’t do if it meets the right criteria.

Criteria number 1.  Is this what you are meant to do?

#2. Is this what you WANT to do?

#3. Are you willing to do ONE simple thing to make your dream happen? Because if you are, if you are willing to do one step, and one step only, then you can

Build websites

Make money

Be famous

Be happy (not that the above will guarantee happiness).

But, really now…what do you want. What do you really, really want. Are you thinking about it?

Good. Because now, you are ready for the next step.

It’s got a name. It’s acronym is WIT and here’s what it stands for:

What it takes.