Web Design Made easy

Well, it finally happened. I took my Web Design Business “Online.”  At first, I just approached friends and close associates about by Web Design Business. But as the compliments began rolling in, I knew I needed to take things to the next level.

Pounding on church doors with “no one home” wasn’t working very well. Since I understand Search Engine Optimiztion, the best choice seemed to be letting others find me online.

Will it work? Will they find me? Great as I am at SEO, I know that the field of Web Design is fiercely competitive. I know my work is good, but without great SEO, I have to rely on referrals only.

So today, I decided to GO FOR IT and try to get on the first page of Google with my business.

Yes, I know that the only other search term that might be harder to rank in might be something like, “SEO”, but I still believe I can do it.

I believe it.

Think that doesn’t work? Oh, yes! Yes it DOES work! But only if you really really believe.

Will the favor fairies dump free goodies in your lap if you just believe? No. But if you believe in the One who believes in you, all things are possible.



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